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Currently, many cryptocurrency futures exchanges is operating affiliate programs and pay part of the transaction fee as a reward benefit for the referrals who recommend new users. The Trading Usdt Mining project is willing to share the profits on transaction fees offered to these referrals with the trader the proceeds.

Trading Usdt Mining also provides Trading Bot Service for traders. Scalping Bot and Smart Automatic Bot are free services provided at foreign professional companies through multi-year-proven trading algorithms, designed to engage easily without expertise in trading.

Market Status

Cryptocurrency Futures Market Volume

In 2019, annual Cryptocurrency Futures trading volume was recorded as exceeding 3 trillion USD, averaging 8.5 billion USD a day. Annual Cryptocurrency Futures trading volume accounted for 18.19% of the total Cryptocurrency trading volume (Futures+ spots), recording 15.63% in the first half and 20.75% in the second half. As the digital assets trading market matures further, it is analyzed that the role of Futures products as a hedge of financial tool and price capture will be more recognized and accepted by investors, and Futures will take a larger market share in future.

Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Forecast

In the past, spot trading was the mainstream in case of cryptocurrency trading, but new financial instruments, such as margin trading, arbitrage trading and futures trading, are now the mainstream. Among the various trading methods, the most prominent is the Algorithmic Trading, called as the flower of investment.

Digital assets

A lot of change is going on as real-world assets moved on to the digital world and replaced them with digital ones. In the real world, as trust issues with each other inevitably cannot help making complex trading procedures, there are problems of heavy trading commission, slow transaction speeds, and lower liquidity of assets.

Issues & Solutions

Trading Usdt Mining Token

Various kinds of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and EOS (EOS), which are well known to us, are issued based on Blockchain technology. Blockchain can secure transparency, security, and reliability by recording trading history on open ledger and distributing and storing data

Trading Usdt Mining Token (TUM) is an ERC-20 type Token based on Ethereum Blockchain that is the most commonly used, which is a digital asset, a cryptocurrency made to provide maximum rewards and benefits in operating trading bots for cryptocurrency traders.

The Trading Usdt Mining Project provides users a fair value for trading activity occurred during the use of cryptocurrency Trading Bots and provides TUM Token as a reward for it.

Trade Mining Pool is planned to be operated to control demand and supply for Token rewards in order to maintain the stable flow of Token demand for Token reward supply ratio and platform services within the TUM ecology.

Organic conversion rates are applied through trading volume occurred during trading by traders and the trading commission and rebate payment rates charged by respective cryptocurrency exchange, and detail conversion rates are being developed.

TUM Ecosystem

TUM can cooperate with Cryptocurrency Exchanges for contracts and services as follows

  • TradingUsdt Traders Recommendation
  • TradingUsdt Site Recommendation
  • Agent Sponsor program
  • Trader Support Program
  • Advertising Proceeding, etc.

Through the above, it is possible to provide the following rewards and benefits for traders as follows

  • Commission Rewards USDT
  • TUM Additional Rewards
  • Drop event
  • Settlement Rewards, etc.

Token Information

Token Name

Trading Usdt Mining Token

Token Symbol


Total Supply

2,000,000,000 TUM



Token Type


Contract Address



2020 Q2
  • Binance Futures Trading Open
  • Scalping Bot Service Open
  • Smart Bot Service Open
  • Trading mining
  • TUM token
  • TUM listing to global exchange market
Q3 2020
  • Partnerships to global futures site & exchange site ( 5+ )
  • Trading management Bot service
  • Smart Bot session 2 service open
  • TUM listing to large exchange market
  • Mobile support Android/IOS
Q4 2020
  • TUM Extension to the Public Trading Market
  • TUM Trading Hub Service
  • Personal Trading Assist Bot service
Q1 2021
  • TUM Main-Net